Kind Hearts and Coronets ****

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So, at the end who does he end up choosing? We never know.. I’d like to think he chose Sibelia and not Edith. They are both twisted, but I like Sibelia.

I liked the language of Louis Mazzini which is why it got 4 stars, so British, eloquent and old fashionedly sophisticated. Why can’t we talk like this today? It’s full of wit. He always speaks so calmly.. so cool and collected.. without emotion. I don’t know if I like this or if I don’t.

Then of course, the memoir… so we can imagine the ending. He wasn’t so clever after all.

Favorite dialogues:

Sibella: [during an illicit rendezvous] What am I doing?

Louis Mazzini: You know very well. You’re playing with fire.

Sibella: At least it warms me.


Sibella: What would you say if she asked you about me?

Louis Mazzini: I’d say that you were the perfect combination of imperfections. I’d say that your nose was just a little too short, your mouth just a little too wide. But yours was a face that a man could see in his dreams for the whole of his life. I’d say that you were vain, selfish, cruel, deceitful. I’d say that you were adorable. I’d say that you were… Sibella.

Sibella: What a pretty speech.

Louis Mazzini: I mean it.

Sibella: [seductively] Come and say it to me again.

Sibella: What would you say if she asked you about me?

Louis Mazzini: I’d say that you were the perfect combination of imperfections. I’d say that your nose was just a little too short, your mouth just a little too wide. But yours was a face that a man could see in his dreams for the whole of his life. I’d say that you were vain, selfish, cruel, deceitful. I’d say that you were adorable. I’d say that you were… Sibella.

Sibella: What a pretty speech.

Louis Mazzini: I mean it.

Sibella: [seductively] Come and say it to me again.




It Happened One Night****

It Happened One Night is a 1934 American Pre-Code romantic comedy film with elements of screwball comedy directed and co-produced by Frank Capra, in collaboration with Harry Cohn, in which a pampered socialite (Claudette Colbert) tries to get out from under her father’s thumb and falls in love with a roguish reporter (Clark Gable). The plot is based on the August 1933 short story “Night Bus” by Samuel Hopkins Adams, which provided the shooting title. One of the last romantic comedies created before the MPAA began enforcing the 1930 production code in 1934, the film was released on February 22, 1934. (The Code! Can you imagine they had a code of what they could and could not do morally speaking?)

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primary_ithappenedonenight3.jpgAlways so close to a kiss! .. and then we never get to see it at the end 😦 I would have liked to have seen them reunite at the end at least! It all falls so nicely, neatly into place as an adorable fuzzy feeling film. The dialogue was saucy and witty which is what I liked best about this movie.

Some dialogue:

Danker: Oh, I see, young people in love are never hungry.


Peter Warne: Excuse me, lady, but that upon which you sit, is mine.

Ellie Andrews: I beg your pardon!

Peter Warne: Now, listen. I put up a stiff battle for that seat. So if it’s just the same to you – scram.

Ellie Andrews: [ignoring him] Driver! Are these seats reserved?

Bus Driver #1: No. First come, first served.

Ellie Andrews: Thank you.

Peter Warne: Hey driver? These seats accommodate two people, don’t they?

Bus Driver #1: Well, maybe they do – and maybe they don’t.

Peter Warne: Thank you. Move over. This is a “maybe they do.”



Ellie Andrews: That, I suppose, makes everything quite all right?

Peter Warne: Oh this? Well, I like privacy when I retire. Yes, I’m very delicate in that respect. Prying eyes annoy me. Behold the walls of Jericho! Uh, maybe not as thick as the ones that Joshua blew down with his trumpet, but a lot safer. You see, uh, I have no trumpet. Now just to show you my heart’s in the right place, I’ll give you my best pair of pajamas.

[he offers her the pajamas – she ignores them – so he tosses them at her]

Peter Warne: Uh, do you mind joining the Israelites?

[indicates he wants her to go on the other side of the blanket – she doesn’t budge]

Peter Warne: You don’t want to join the Israelites? Alright.

[he begins to undress]

Peter Warne: Perhaps you’re interested in how a man undresses. You know, it’s a funny thing about that. Quite a study in psychology. No two men do it alike. You know, I once knew a man who kept his hat on until he was completely undressed. Yeah, now he made a picture. Years later, his secret came out. He wore a toupee. Yeah. You know, I have a method all my own. If you notice, the coat came first, then the tie, then the shirt. Now, uh, according to Hoyle, after that, the, uh, pants should be next. There’s where I’m different… I go for the shoes next. First the right, then the left. After that it’s, uh, every man for himself.

[he starts to unbuckle his pants and she runs to the other side of the blanket]


Alexander Andrews: Oh, er, do you mind if I ask you a question, frankly? Do you love my daughter?

Peter Warne: Any guy that’d fall in love with your daughter ought to have his head examined.

Alexander Andrews: Now that’s an evasion!

Peter Warne: She picked herself a perfect running mate – King Westley – the pill of the century! What she needs is a guy that’d take a sock at her once a day, whether it’s coming to her or not. If you had half the brains you’re supposed to have, you’d done it yourself, long ago.

Alexander Andrews: Do you love her?

Peter Warne: A normal human being couldn’t live under the same roof with her without going nutty! She’s my idea of nothing!

Alexander Andrews: I asked you a simple question! Do you love her?

Peter Warne: YES! But don’t hold that against me, I’m a little screwy myself!


Dear John***1/2

A sentimental Nicolas Sparks movie and this is the only author I know of that I prefer the movies to the book. His books sometimes are too slow. It kept me wanting to know what was going to happen and I did cry a little bit when he read the letter to his dad.. it’s a watchable movie. Amanda Seyfried and Channing Tatum were well casted.


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What bothered me about the movie is why did Savannah marry this other guy, exactly? At least, she could have spoke to John .. and well, then, change her mind. I would like to think that she was waiting for him to carry her away and come back… or else why would she have done that? Yes, I understand she was sick of waiting and she wanted to be “good” and take care of the other guy.. but, I didn’t buy it. It was as if she was breaking up with him, but just testing his dedication to her. It really meant yes, come back and pursue me even harder because I can’t do this anymore without you. I would have preferred that John revolt and hunt her down before she gets married at least. 

So, what if her husband didn’t end up dying at the end of the movie? It all kind of conveniently fell into place as all Nicolas Sparks movies do, but a little too coincidentally. He had to know she didn’t really want to marry the other person. He gave up.. which most would have, but I guess I wouldn’t have if I was him.

It’s so adorable to see how important snail mail was for soldiers..

At the end, with the anonymous donation, I think that they wanted to show how John proved to be a “good” guy since before he wasn’t so much. And maybe Savannah was supposed to be “too good” which is why she ended up marrying the other guy because he was sick, after all..

The most notable scene was the first time they kissed.. it was exactly what a first kiss should look like.





La La Land****

4 stars: Watchable, beautiful, colorful, jazzy movie (love jazz), poetic, but missing something for me.

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This movie was fun to watch, but it just doesn’t cut it as one of my favorites.

I grew up in Southern California and the crickets creaking at night is something I dearly miss! The windows open on a hot night.. with the crickets!

What was good?

The musical like way of the movie was creative and interesting. Poetic. Artistically, the colors are vibrant and it is a beautiful movie.. the timing is all well… everything just rolled well together…also, Emma Stone was interesting to watch and I loved the part where she sings the 80’s song in front of Ryan Gosling.. she did it perfectly.

I don’t like Ryan Gosling’s character.. he seems full of insecurities and anger throughout the whole movie. Understanding….he is some kind of prodigy stuck in a world where no one understands good music.

And of course, the end… it just portrays reality today and how airplanes make everyone so distant from one another and relationships impossible. This is something I DON’T like coming from this century. Romance is linked who is living near you for a long period of time and who is in the right place at the right time..and often people move far away for jobs or other reasons. This wasn’t as important a long time ago. People moved less, traveled less…plus ancré.. but life was much less exciting and yet, maybe in some way life was lived a little more profound and meaningful?

So, the very realistic ending was needed, but saddened me. Emma Stone becomes an actress with the perfect life and doesn’t need this jazz player anymore, because her career was more important and in any case, with time and distance, (normal) she meets someone else. Understanding! But, can’t we have everything? The jazz player Gosling becomes almost as successful as she … and they both go their separate ways. They look at each other at the end as if saying both: “I will always love you, but that’s life..” Where is the passion? How dull! But, I’m sure the director didn’t mean for it to be dull. The director was saying: that’s the way it’s supposed to be and it’s not so bad after all. Bittersweet. And then….. maybe she breaks up with her husband at some point and thinks again about Ryan? This wasn’t made for you to think so, but the ending was too perfect and not perfect enough. Too realistic in some ways and not realistic enough in others (but that part was agreeable). That is why this movie isn’t my favorite, but obviously it is a very good movie. That is not debatable.

The Help****

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This movie is one of my most favorite books and this is a movie impossible to not cry in. This is an incredible story saying how things were in America back then..

Like the memorizing quotes:

“You is kind.. you is smart… you is important..”

Ugly is something that goes deep down inside you.” -Constantine

“Courage is daring to do something right despite the weakness of our flesh.”

“It’s a lonely road if a mama don’t think their child is pretty”.

“I never met a woman who says exactly what she’s thinking.”

And I adore Cecile Foote. She’s full of good intentions, the poor thing. I love when Minny says to her: “Don’t be taking those women any more pies, you hear?”

And well, the absence of romance in this just kind of works. Obviously, Skeeter is just too good for Stuart.. Stuart reminds me of Roger in the cartoon Disney’s 101 dalmation’s.

Washington Square****

Stars: 4/5

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The beginning of this movie was sad and made me feel horrible. I didn’t understand why Catherine was soooo awkward. I do, but I don’t… her father never really cared for her. I really like the story line. This was by far my favorite story line. I was very angry at the end. I couldn’t really understand if Morris actually loved her or not. He only loved her for her money? All of that passion and he had no love? Really? This movie made me cry. The music “tu chiami una vita” is an absolutely beautiful song.. just for that I could cry! I didn’t like the ending, but I suppose it was a correct ending.. this movie pulled at me in every direction. This is based on a novel by Henry James.

Listen: tu chiami una vita


Washington Square is a 1997 American romantic drama film directed by Agnieszka Holland. The screenplay by Carol Doyle is based on the 1880 novel of the same name by Henry James, which was filmed as The Heiress in 1949. The film was a critical success but a commercial failure.

The Bodyguard ****

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A classic I had never seen before. At least, all the music I knew..


I found it hard to believe the sister hired Portman to kill her sister, but anyway.. Portman actually just wants to get his revenge because Rachel Marron doesn’t want to sleep with him?

And why did they not end up together in the end? Why are all good romances sad? Why did he have to go back to being a bodyguard for someone else? I don’t understand why they couldn’t keep seeing each other at the end. Hey, maybe the did? But, I didn’t get this impression at the end……



Rebecca ****

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STARS: 4/5


I loved this movie. I didn’t even want to pause the movie. Casting was perfect. It did take time for it to get going, not too long.. but, I could feel it getting more and more interesting. I could relate to the main character, she’s a little timid and unsure of herself. But, obviously overly so. You really see how times have changed with this film. It really annoyed me when Maxim told her how to make his coffee! Women were supposed to be so subservient in the 40’s. I just wanted her to rebel! I kept telling her to rebel against everyone.. finally, she sort of did.. but, it took awhile. I cried in this one which means it was good. 😀

Laurence Olivier I see how Joan Fontaine could fall in love for this man. He has a way about him.

Joan Fontaine: perfect for the part.. you really believed these two could be together.


Rebecca is a 1940 American psychological thrillermystery film. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, it was his first American project, and his first film produced under contract with David O. Selznick. The film’s screenplay was a version by Joan Harrison and Robert E. Sherwood based on Philip MacDonald and Michael Hogan‘s adaptation of Daphne du Maurier‘s 1938 novel Rebecca. The film was produced by Selznick[2] and stars Laurence Olivier as the brooding aristocratic widower Maxim de Winter and Joan Fontaine as the young woman who becomes his second wife, withJudith Anderson and George Sanders.

The film is shot in black and white, and is a gothic tale. Maxim de Winter’s first wife Rebecca, who died before the story starts, is never seen. Her reputation and others’ recollections about her, however, are a constant presence in the lives of Maxim, his new young second wife, and the housekeeper Danvers.

Rebecca won two Academy Awards, Outstanding Production and Cinematography, out of a total 11 nominations. Olivier, Fontaine and Anderson were all Oscar nominated for their respective roles. However, since 1936 (when awards for actors in supporting roles were first introduced),Rebecca is the only film that, despite winning Best Picture, received no Academy Award for acting, directing or writing. Rebecca was the opening film at the 1st Berlin International Film Festival in 1951.[3]

That Hamilton Woman****

“I know I should not come back and I know that nothing in this world can keep me from coming.” – Horation Nelson

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Stars: 4/5


First, I love Laurence Olivier. He plays perfectly the role of Horatio. Vivienne Leigh is absolutely beautiful, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw her. Full of spirit.

Lady Hamilton is so confident and perfect, it can be a little too much sometimes. I kept asking myself: doesn’t she have any faults? She seems to be everyone’s strength and happiness. She isn’t vulnerable at all which is usually what draws me to certain characters. Horatio does seem vulnerable  and this draws you to him. You can understand their romance. Laurence Olivier plays the dashing man perfectly. In real life at this time, the WERE actually married!

What bothered me the most is why Lady Hamilton sent him away at the end to go to war? For her country? Because she knew it was the right thing to do? Why does she ignore him when he comes calling to see her, just because she’s ashamed to be in debt? She seems to be a character of so little weaknesses.

“I’ll probably never see him, again” Lady Hamilton says seeing him off to war…

Me: so why did you let him go?!

he says after he is shot: “poor emma, what will become of her”

Me: why did you go war if you knew that you would leave Emma destitute if something happened to you?

There were some good quotes that I wish to remember forever:

Lady Hamilton: “You’re jealous”

Horatio: “Why do you make fun of me?”

Lady Hamilton: “fun? I’ve never been happier in all my life. You’re splendid when you’re jealous! You must promise me to be jealous, always please!”

Conclusion: sad ending, Lady Hamilton’s character was endearing, delightful, yet sometimes annoying, Horation was lovely, I was rather glued to the screen, I didn’t cry in this one. I loved certain quotes.

Notes on the film:

Stars Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier were newlyweds at the time of filming and were considered a “dream couple”. The film’s tagline was: The Year’s Most Exciting Team of Screen Lovers![11] That Hamilton Woman is the last of three films they made together, their only film as a married couple.

Because of the strict Motion Picture Production Code, the two lovers never appear in bed together, nor ever even partially undressed together. Before the affair begins, Emma sits on her bed, wherein Nelson is recovering from exhaustion, to feed him some soup. According to K.R.M. Short’s study of the film, the major problem for the Production Code office was not the scenes showing romantic encounters: It was the script’s treating an “adulterous relationship as a romance instead of a sin” [12]

While That Hamilton Woman was marketed as historical romance, its subtext falls into the “war propaganda” category.
Critical sources usually point out that That Hamilton Woman was Winston Churchill‘s favorite film.[17][Note 1]

The film was the fifth most popular movie at the British box office in 1941.[20]